The Mysteries of Life

I’ll never understand why I always lose one sock from a pair doing laundry…or the mysterious black hole that swallows my keys when I need them. Among life’s eternal mysteries, here’s the one that puzzles me most: why does DBS therapy nail the monumental job of straightening my twisted gait but is helpless to quell the haphazard game of “twitch” my feet play when I lay in bed at night?

Is utter stillness too much to ask? Alas, my lower limbs still refuse to fully obey me. As for my natural writing arm, improvement is one painfully slow sentence at a time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the consummate DBS groupie. This surgery literally changed my life. I went from crawling along the street with my walker, sporting comfortable sneakers, to prancing down the avenue – nary a twist – in any shoe or heel I fancy! But at nighttime, Mr. Hyde morphs into twisty Dr. Jekyll. Some nights it’s the left foot, some nights it’s the right foot and calf, some nights I strain to distinguish left from right. 

I look forward to the day when I can enjoy a relaxing recline in bed without my foot doing the twist!

3 responses to “The Mysteries of Life

  1. Hi Pam,

    Nice to read another post from you. I’m a parent – our son had his DBS while in grade school; our daughter has writer’s cramp and gets by with a mix of botox and meds. This applies to her back cramps as well though they are treated ‘off-label’.
    I may be the DYT1 carrier who gave the kids their gift but I have never experienced symptoms.
    Not for nothing, the roving movements you describe in your feet, at night when laying down, sounds suspiciously like what I experience along with cramping. Magnesium alone, among all the available mineral supplements promoted for leg cramping, gives me near-total relief from this nighttime issue. And my spry 97-year-old mother who, unbeknownst to me, also suffered PM leg and foot cramps for years, also gets near-total relief.
    So, bottom line, it may be worth a try. There are many magnesium forms available. Some impact the system more than others.
    I hope this is of use for you — keep up your writing — you inspire many others!


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