Forbidden Pleasures

12487259_s_Fotor EditedRecently, I blew up my Universe – shopping for shoes. Formerly a forbidden pleasure, I literally soared to new heights trying on all sorts of heels. Though I must confess, I don’t know how my fellow females bear the discomfort of those pointy toes and stilettos that send me teetering and tottering.

Notwithstanding the daily roller coaster ride presented by my Dystonia, my feet have led a relatively ho hum life, long relegated to the safety of Aerosoles’ “Forgive” model and a sparing assortment of sneakers, plus a few pairs of carefully chosen and largely unexciting boots.

So fancy me, perched on a footstool in DSW surrounded by treasure troves of ladies footwear in an endless variety of heights, shapes, styles, sizes, fabrics and colors – feeling as deliciously decadent as the most luxurious chocolate dessert. Gingerly, I eased my feet into a pair of 3 inch black suede pumps, thinking, like the Little Engine That Could, “I think I can, I think I can,” and, just like that shiny blue engine, I actually could! Suspended in a state of disbelief – and by a pair of magnificent for-me-miraculously-high heels, I strutted across the room, a battery-powered cyborg towering over the profuse displays of ladies shoes surrounding me!

Postscript- Notwithstanding my frivolous purchases, in my world, practicality continues to reign supreme. I wear my new treasures sparingly, storing them safely in their cardboard boxes nestled in crinkly tissue, visiting frequently for a joyful peak.

12 responses to “Forbidden Pleasures

  1. I don’t wear heels ,either. I knees and ankles get shaking. I can’t even stand with heels. I used to wear heels. But, I reached m late 30”s. that is when, the shaking in my legs started. That was before, I knew I had dystonia. I don’t know how a lot of women can wear heels all day and half the night.

    • Mary, I’m a fan of any admirer of sensible shoes, saves the back lots of strain. These days, they make plenty of beautiful flats so there isn’t much to give up. Take care. Sending you my best. -Pamela-

  2. Stephanie Fagin Jones

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!! Post pics please!!!!!!

  3. Great post Pam. You look wonderful. Great job at the zoo walk. You are a star!

    • Paula, So lovely to hear from you. I was so pleased with the turnout on Sunday and thought the event was amazing. It meant the world to me to have you there sharing in such a special day. What a thrill that Dr. Kopell was able to speak, that meant everything to me. Love you. -Pam-

  4. You’re spirit is taller than any set of heels could possibly be. Shine On!

  5. Patty Woods Gawlik

    Congratulations Pamela and thank you for sharing wonderful news. Your an inspiration! Love to hear all about your triumphs , patty

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    • Patty, So lovely to hear from you. The best part of DBS is all the triumphs I have experienced – and can share. Those grueling procedures were well worth it! I have a whole new life! Sending you my warmest wishes and very best. xxx -Pam-

  6. I am 60 but I still love my high heels and before I developed Dystonia in 2013 I would practice everyday wearing different height shoes. Still able to wear up to 5 inch heels as long as they have a platform in front of shoe. If not, kinda hard to wear cause your standing on your tip toes. I have about 200 pairs of heels ranging from 3 inch to 5 inch high. Love them!

    • Hello, Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to comment. I am not sure I will ever rise to your height but I can now certainly appreciate your fondness for heels. Who ever New the joys of ladies footwear! Sending you my very best and wishing you an early Happy Thanksgiving! -Pamela-

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