Tap Dancing Class…or Priceless

IMG_0142 Fotor.jpgDid you ever think someone in a wheelchair could tap dance? Well think again. With special gloves sporting metal plates affixed to their palms and fingertips, the members of Mount Sinai Rehabilitation’s tap dancing class skillfully manipulated their hands from “heel to toe” along to a crooning Jerry Lee Lewis. I couldn’t help but tap my toes in time as I observed their display of skill and joyful tempo. Attired in tap shoes and a glittery “Gotta Dance” tee, Mary Six,  a former Rockette who lives with dystonia, taught us about brushing and cramp rolls as I languidly swayed to the enticing music. Then Mary Six waltzed around the room demonstrating with her feet the unique steps each participant should execute with their hands.

They say where there’s a will there’s a way. Everyone in this class has certainly found their way, giving me pause to reconsider what we really need to accomplish our goals. “Disabled” you say? Perhaps you need to review your dictionary, starting with the meaning of “ABLE!”


6 responses to “Tap Dancing Class…or Priceless

  1. Every resident at Inglis House, Joanna’s home, is in a wheelchair. A few months ago, Inglis provided eight sessions of ballroom dancing classes for some of the residents and Joanna participated. She learned the rhumba and the foxtrot. One half of each couple stood and the other half was in a wheelchair. Joanna’s partner was a volunteer from Temple University. Many college students volunteer at Inglis House.

  2. Great one Pam. Inspirational!

    • Pepe, How lovely to hear from you, it has been way too long. The class I attended last night was extremely inspirational and I actually wrote my post during the class! I couldn’t believe the instructor had dystonia, that was highly unexpected. I hope that you are doing well my dear friend. Sending you my very best. xxx -Pam-

      • Len, How lovely for the residents, that sounds like a lovely time and I am sûre Joanna quite enjoyed herself. Stories like that warm my heart. I am sure it meant the world to the residents to have that opportunity. Sending your whole family my love. -Pam-

  3. Edward Gewirtz

    That is a “feel good” story.

    • Ed, I was at the class last night and it was such a “feel good” class, I had to share. I’m so glad I got my point across, thank you for letting me know. xxx -Pam-

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