Me 2.0!

8480264 - running girlPost DBS, my life has been revolutionized by a startling revelation: Traveling from Point A to Point B is as “effortless” as moving from one foot to the other! I exist in a surreality I never could have imagined. Who would have thought I’d ever be in a position to compare and contrast smooth and twisted gait! Conquering distance has become user-friendly. Has NYC shrunk? This on-the-go rookie well knows the act of walking straight is deceptively simple – even miraculous – and with profound effect. Now that all my ducks are lining up in a row, I attach new meaning to the words “independently mobile.”

I stand before you “Pam 2.0” – action-oriented, driven and efficient – roaring out of the gate to tackle my errands and responsibilities with the vigor of an NFL linebacker. I’d never grasped the smooth side of multi-tasking or the effervescence of living life on the run. Dystonia erected a prison of limitations constraining my every effort…in ways even I didn’t fully appreciate. Sojourns out of my neighborhood loomed daunting. Rain or inclement weather provided a convenient excuse to stay home. For many years, life passed before me in lackluster shades of grey. My involuntary movements and their psychological toll crowded out the innumerable possibilities that lie within arm’s reach when we’re not squandering energy struggling with basic bodily operations. Now I feel free as a bird spreading her wings for the first time.

They say life is about the little things. For me, life is about a wealth of glorious but supremely basic minutiae virtually invisible to most of us…empowering us to enjoy a magical day!


18561367_Fotor B


10 responses to “Me 2.0!

  1. Fantastic commentary!!!! Go, go, go!

    • Bob, I am certainly GOING (lol)! I am grateful for the miracles wrought by DBS surgery every single day. My best to you and your family. Hope to see you at the Bronx Zoo this year. -Pam-

  2. So happy to hear how well you are doing. Great, great news!

    • Diane, Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment on this glorious day. I hope that you are doing well. Sending you my very best. xxx -Pamela-

  3. Patty Woods Gawlik

    I am so happy to read your newest post. It seems that miracles can happen and have. Keep on going!

    • Patty, It has been way too long and I am sooooo happy to hear from you. How are you doing? It is a beautiful day in NYC and I hope you are enjoying a beautiful day across the country. Sending you my warmest wishes for a wonderful summer. xxx -Pam-

  4. Edward Gewirtz

    Pam I am as excited and thrilled as you are that DBS has given you a new outlook on life and a renewed sense of normalcy. But, please don’t forget those so afflicted who are still trapped within their own bodies. While I applaud you for raising the hope of so many of your followers, unfortunately, DBS iis not an option for everyone.

    • Ed, My struggles with my speech remind me every day that others are still trapped in their bodies. I have tried to be measured in sharing my success because I know DBS is not an option for everyone – and doesn’t help everyone. I wrote this post a while ago but waited to share until I had written an article about my speech. Hopefully it was not too much. Love you. xxx -Pam-

  5. Hi Pam! Is your speech working better? I have a terrible time with my face and speech, and I’m wondering if the DBS works! God Bless, Petra

    • Petra, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. While DBS has been highly successful when it comes to my gait, unfortunately it has not helped my speech though I never expected it would. Speech is a complicated motor function that generally is not treated specifically with DBS. However, I have found speech therapy to be extremely helpful and I practice my speech every day. Sending you my very best. -Pamela-

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