New York City Taxis: Where’s The Beef?

26323991 - taxi driver - road rageAs I made my way to my first DBS programming session during the chaos marking morning rush hour, I was abruptly reintroduced to the inhumanity inhabiting my fair city. Hardly the picture of health, I stood braced against my walker, a colorful flowered scarf sculpting my recently shaven head, watching taxi after off-duty taxi unceremoniously sail by me – patently ignoring my hand wildly flailing through the air in an act of deliberate motion having nothing to do with my Dystonia. I couldn’t help but surmise that cab drivers hold no interest in attending to my walker. Where was Sir Galahad, galloping up Third Avenue to rescue me on his black and white checkered horse majestically draped in yellow?

I concluded that I needed to park my walker at the curb behind me and hail a taxi as a solo act. Of course, as soon as I turned towards the sidewalk, my gallant appeared, sharply braking beside me. Putting his fellow cab drivers to shame, he whisked my walker into the trunk with aplomb, After all, it doesn’t take Mr. Universe to manipulate a few pounds of folded metal.

I hold abject disappointment in NYC’s private transportation corps, which, for a pretty penny, is my first line of defense against the perils I face using public transportation.



10 responses to “New York City Taxis: Where’s The Beef?

  1. Hi Pamela,

    I am glad to read of your progress post-surgery and wish you all speed and good luck in your results. Sorry about the taxi situation. I don’t know if you know about Via, the wonderful car-share service, which I highly recommend. You do need to be able to get in and out of an SUV, and walk to a corner to get picked up and dropped off on one, which you may not be ready for right now, but for 5 bucks or so you will be able to go anywhere in the city with good drivers who like their jobs, don’t smoke or eat in their clean new cars and, if there is someone who happens to be going along your route, generally meet very nice people. In any case, keep up the good cheer and great writing – I always enjoy your missives…… Best regards, Dr. Susan Hans >

    • Hi Susan, Thank you for commenting. I’ve certainly had quite the past few months. Still cannot quite believe that I’ve actually had DBS surgery. It’s a whole new life with a bionic brain! As far as taxis and such go, my friend uses Via and she is a big fan. I’ll give them a try. -Pam-

  2. Thanks for your courage in posting, Pam. Encountering this kind of inhumanity can be disheartening to me, at least temporarily. Remembering experiences I had while visiting Columbus, Ohio in the past year renews my spirits. On each occasion, a stranger approached me to help me carry things I wasn’t managing well with my tremor. Those kindnesses will always stay with me! On a practical note, I wonder if Uber drivers would be more responsive? Wishing you success with your treatments!

    • Monica, Thank you for such a lovely note. You’re in excellent company as the second person to suggest Uber in response to my post! Unfortunately, encountering examples of inhumanity is not uncommon in New York City – I wholeheartedly accept human kindnesses whenever I find them. Sending you my best. -Pam-

  3. Glad to hear you entered the programming phase. Wishing you nothing but success. As far as NYC cabs, can you spell U B E R?

    • Ed, I spell quite nicely! I am not a huge UBER fan. Last time I tried them, they didn’t show up at the right location. But I will certainly give them a second chance after my last experience with NYC yellow taxis. xxx -Pam-

      • Never meant to belittle you spelling. It was a lame attempt to interject levity on your very real and frustrating experiences. Cabbies are notorious for being rude and insensitive. You do know how much I care. By the way, my experience with U B E R has been nothing but positive. Speak to you soon. xo Ed

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  4. Hi from New Zealand! – I have unfortunately encountered this with our buses in Auckland 😦 but I just want to say thank you so much for your wit and wisdom in this blog. I have only just been diagnosed and I see a long road of discovery ahead of me – the need to stay positive is HUGE. Again, thank you 😀

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