Summer Sentenced Me To Hard Labor!

For those wondering how the prospect of two “awake” brain surgeries becomes palatable, let’s consider my relentless left foot, which seizes every small step as an opportunity to insist on an arduous detour. Walking takes on a whole new “twist” when the ever-present intervening destination is your next forward-intending movement. Even the shortest sojourn with my puppy becomes a true labor of love.

The upper echelons of the thermostat – even relatively moderate temperatures – stand amongst my triggers. At the onset of spring, exhaustion settles in for a multi-season stay, sentencing me to a summer of heavy breathing punctuated with plentiful naps. Ambulating ceases to be a means to an end and becomes an all-consuming focus, draining every ounce of my energy at the speed of light. As an added bonus, my tortured summer strolls invite back pain to settle in for an extended stay.

Surgeries anyone? Sign me up!

4 responses to “Summer Sentenced Me To Hard Labor!

  1. Hi Pam! Your post is perfectly timed, as I’ve been reflecting on this question. Extremes in temperature are a real trigger. When my activity level goes into overdrive, I’m pretty much guaranteed that fatigue and pain will also escalate. This applies not only to work but also fun. Seems like an ongoing process of Awareness- Acceptance- Action. Thanks as always for your candor!

    • Monica, Always a pleasure to hear from you and I know exactly what you mean. Seems we take our days as they come! I highly recommend naps when you can sneak them in. Sending you my warmest wishes. -Pam-

  2. Edward Gewirtz

    If DBS affords you the opportunity for a better quality of life, I applaud your decision to go for it. You know that I will be praying for the best result possible. Point in fact, the summer heat doesn’t do much to relieve my symptoms either.

    • Ed, Your support means the world to me. The prospect of these procedures is certainly intimidating but with the state of my walking, DBS becomes more palatable every day. Sorry to hear the summer weather gets to you as well. Thankfully, it has cooled down a bit. Send my love to the whole family. -Pam-

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