45057482_sWith my walking in a state of disarray, I’m on the prowl for creative ways to count my blessings. My challenge is rather monumental. “Seek and you shall find” takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to discerning the silver lining in Dystonia.

I’ve discovered one “perk” traipsing the city streets with my puppy. Courtesy of the deterioration in my gait, our daily walks stand as true workouts, enabling me to indulge my sweet tooth without penalty. The collective force of my involuntary movements simulates a walk in a wind tunnel, leaving me breathless in the span of a few short blocks for a potent bout of cardio.

Convinced I’m burning calories with every laborious step, I entertain bizarre satisfaction struggling against my unruly muscles. In a nod to my inner obsessive-compulsive, I’m forever recalculating the territory I cover as I push forward to go the distance, awash in determination to ace at least one super-sized “power walk” each day. Another “perk” worthy of mention: nailing a generous swath of city blocks ensures I’ll be sleeping soundly that night.

I may count my victories in the slow lane but this sure beats counting calories!

12 responses to ““Perks”

  1. So funny yet true.I too suffer the invisable disease.And the pain to which I am eating with the pain.Al,ost as I am singing with music.Except gaining weight.As I walk I feel I burnt calories so I can eat goodies.Thankyou for sharing.

    • Kathy, Lovely to hear from you and think you for sharing your experience. Living with chronic illness we do what we can and I’ve found a positive attitude goes a long way. Best to you in the New Year. -Pamela-

  2. Very inspiring! You set a good example. I could use a dose of some of your energy.

    • Hey Ed, Much of the credit goes to Ellie and the pep in her step! Ellie’s enthusiasm – combined with the promise of “sweet treats” – certainly inspires me to dig deep for reserves of energy. By the end of our walks, I’m running on empty (lol)! xxx -Pam-

  3. Exercise is so important to maintaining our health, yet most people don’t realize how taxing just a walk down the block really is. You’ve explained it well, and I’m glad you have Ellie to motivate you. Do you have issues sleeping? That will be my next blog post. I’ve needed to see several sleep doctors since July because my pain wouldn’t let me sleep. I’m curious if you’ve found any remedies for sleep. 🙂

    • Michelle, Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. When it comes to sleeping, Dystonia doesn’t give me any difficulties. To the contrary, I find myself sleeping more than ever now that I’m out and about with Ellie a few times a day. Indeed, I’m not only sleeping at night but napping during the day as well, which means I’m up bright and early most mornings. If you are having difficulty sleeping because of pain, have you tried any relaxation strategies to help with sleeping? Certainly, it’s hard to relax our muscles living with Dystonia. Sending you all my best and looking forward to your blog posts. -Pamela-

    • I do have sleep issues, so would love to see your blog post! Where can I find it?

      • Hi, Monicles. I’m so sorry that I didn’t see your reply before. With all the craziness of my SSD being denied by the federal judge right after I said I was going to write about sleep, it never happened. Now I have a reminder to write that post because I think a lot of people have problems sleeping.

  4. so like me, I’m sure I sure 1000 cals in the same distance as others use 50.

  5. Our canine friends bring so many health benefits! I once heard that Dr. Elliot Joslin used to write prescriptions to ‘adopt a dog’ for his diabetes patients. Always inspiring to read your posts, Pam.

    • Monica, Always lovely to hear from you. Ellie has changed my life in so many ways, I can’t imagine how I existed without her (written as she is sleeping with her head resting on my foot). I’m eternally grateful for her every day. Wishing you all my best. xxx -Pam-

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