Our White House Petition Is Making A Comeback!

24351216_s EditedThe Dystonia Community welcomes September wearing our hearts on our sleeves. Patients, advocates and the foundations that support us have banded together to advance a new petition requesting official White House recognition of Dystonia Awareness Month. The magic number is 100,000 signatures by Sept. 24 and we’re amassing them one by one!

I urge everyone to stand with us in what is truly a collective effort. It only takes a minute to sign – how about sharing with five friends? Anyone age 13 or older living anywhere in the world can participate. Those outside the U.S. simply leave the zip code blank. Remember, your signature isn’t complete until you click on the confirmation link the petition site will email you.

Make a difference by signing here:  White House Petition.

It wouldn’t be September without a “Flash Mob.” We’re celebrating Dystonia Awareness Month with a social media block party! Join in the fun using the following link:  Dystonia Awareness Month Flash Mob.

Happy Dystonia Awareness Month!



4 responses to “Our White House Petition Is Making A Comeback!

  1. Hi Pamela!
    I would love to share this in the Cervical Dystonia Support Forum with your permission! Thanks for all that you do, I hope you’re well.
    All my love, Denise

  2. It bums me out that we only have 6000 signatures so far. Here is an email I just sent to my family and friends since posting it on FB is a gamble with what people see. If anyone wants to use this message, please do. This is really essential to making Dystonia a household name. Are you one of the writers of the petition, Pamela?

    Dear friends,

    I shared this request on Facebook, but I know how hard it is to go through everyone’s posts. Will you please share this with 5 or more of your family members or friends (and so on) after you’ve signed it? I just looked at the numbers, and only 6000 people have signed it so far. Such a low number for something we NEED to have in order to educate others about Dystonia.

    Since it’s a petition to the White House, if you share it with someone outside of the US, just have them leave the zip code blank. This is really important to me since this disorder has changed my whole life. Thank you for your support with this!



    • Miichelle, Thank you for sharing your letter on this site and encouraging people to support the petition. While we may have a long way to go to hit 100,000 signatures, the petition is a team effort that is generating tremendous awareness activity in the dystonia community, a huge plus. While I didn’t write the petition, I fully support the impact it is making. -Pamela-

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