My Pokey Little Puppy!

13898682_sIn the company of my pokey little puppy, I’m sure you can guess who’s been stealing the show! I’ve happily abdicated top billing to 12 pounds of furry delight while my metal co-star finds herself demoted to disgruntled supporting actress.

As life hairpins a 180-degree curve, I’ve discovered that those who notice my traveling crew assume my walker – purple and hot pink Sherpa ensconced snugly on the seat – serves at my puppy’s pleasure. Ironically, after a lifetime battling self-consciousness, I’m proactively advertising my need for a walking aid without a care.

Meanwhile, my Dystonia has taken a back seat to little Ellie as I traverse the miracles – and responsibilities – of motherhood. Housetraining poses a particular challenge when our summer strolls evoke the last leg of a marathon. As the thermostat ramps up, so goes my Dystonia. I trudge along the city’s streets drawing on every ounce of energy I can muster, braving sweltering weather I formerly shunned. When there’s no juice left, my walking devolves into a game of shuffleboard played out in a cloudy haze. Anything for my puppy, who stands infinitely more important than the “inconveniences” wrought by Dystonia.

The moral of my story: The very best pick-me-up is to step outside ourselves and divert our attention to the world unfolding around us, rising to the occasions life presents.

20 responses to “My Pokey Little Puppy!

  1. Lovely blog – and I’m thrilled your new bundle-of-joy is keeping you company – and also happy!!! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on being a new Mommy! I am thinking of the same thing! keep me posted and a real photo of the baby “Ellie”. I am sure she is adorable.

  3. Meredith Berkman

    That is beautiful!!! Love ya and long lives Pam 18 the Love Machine!

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  4. My Boston terrier also motivates me to get out daily. Love him more than some people !!

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    • Mary Beth, I’m with you 100%! Dogs are such wonderful companions…and more. My Ellie isn’t my pet, she’s family! Wishing you all the happiness in the world with your terrier. xxx -Pamela-

  5. Hi dear friend Pat!’m still holidaying but I always try to visit some WP friends whose posts are interesting and convey strong messages.Wonderful your post,I loved your little companion and your positive attitude toward life and the surrounding beauty of the world,which we often overlook!
    Sending love & hugs from this end 🙂 ❤ xxx

  6. beautiful Pam – so glad you’ve found eachother!

    • Stephie, I must tell you that when I went to meet Ellie, I thought of you and Billie! As a child, I was blessed with a wonderful dog who became the best friend I desperately needed. Now I’m blessed with an equally wonderful dog who’s become the child I’ve always wanted! Love you lots and can’t wait for you and the boys to meet Ellie. xxx -Pam-

  7. Elise (Liz) Bolger Ruggles

    What a great post, I always learn from you, Elise

  8. Dear Pamela,
    once again I read quite a great description of your life. And your life has still improved with your Elli. I wish you many nice days together with Elli, your members of the family. He may motivate you always.

  9. Dogs are the best medicine! I’m so happy you found yours! What kind of Dystonia do you have? With Cervical Dystonia, one of the things I miss most is being able to walk my dogs. I have someone who walks them twice a week, but it isn’t the same. Just wondering if another person with CD has found a way to do this, since the difficulties of holding my head up make it such a challenge.


    • Michelle, So lovely to hear from you. I agree 100% that dogs are the best medicine!! I have generalized dystonia. Though dystonia impedes my gait, I have a rolling walker that makes things easier including walking my puppy. Perhaps you should seek the assistance of an OT (Occupational Therapist) to explore potential ways to walk your dogs. Wishing you all the best. -Pamela-

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