Bah Humbug (lol)!

16003194_sDid I say that? Certainly not, Ms. Dystonia Muse is no Ebenezer Scrooge!

The Holiday Season is the perfect time to reflect on all the year has brought for which we can express gratitude. Yes, our health may pose a constant struggle but we must believe in those flip sides. The friends and family who make us smile and support us constitute treasures beyond compare. As for my New Year’s Resolution, I shall leave behind 2013 – the good, the bad and the ugly! – and take heart in 2014. New year, new opportunities, new hope.

I’ve shared so much of my life with Dystonia on this blog and so many have graced me by reading. I urge readers to give me the gift of your details – all health conditions welcome! Chronicles Of A Dystonia Muse embraces everyone who contends with medical issues or feelings of “difference.” I’m proud to showcase Dystonia BloggerMania on my sidebar – fellow troopers blogging their real life stories week in and week out…all set for a visit!

Wishing you peace, love and joy in 2014! May you experience the miracles residing within your heart and share them with the world.


16 responses to “Bah Humbug (lol)!

  1. Bless your lovely heart for sharing all your troubles with us. You have made me and I am sure several others shed tears. I hope you have a Merry Christmas, and that the New Year will bless everyone of us with a cure.

  2. Congratulations Pam, on a truly beautiful and inspiring blog post to end the year. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and an amazing 2014 xx

    • Rhiann, Thank you for your thoughts, your support and all you’ve done for others through your health activism. I’m thrilled we’ve maintained our dialogue! Hope you’re having a lovely Christmas Day, you certainly deserve it. Wishing you the best life has to offer in 2014. -Pam-

  3. Thak you Pam. .

    You ask for recipes … I feel better since I primary back with the sick. Indeed, I had the bad habit of listening and wanting to help without listening to my pain.

    I realized that I was taking all their negativity. Today, I manage my pain that does not prevent me to respond when someone is yelling at me for help

    Love and joy for you in this new year

  4. I plan to enjoy today. Of course I have limitations, however Christmas is my favorite time of year. We are going to my daughter’s house for dinner. I am sure we will talk to my son. He and his family live to far away to visit. My heart is with them though. I hope for a better new year. Getting my health back would be great, however I will face whatever comes with courage, and determination. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and A Happy New year.

    • Angela, Sounds like you’re seizing today by the horns, good for you! Please take notice that you’re steady stream of comments here mean the world to me. I hope 2014 brings you all you wish for. Remember, we always have hope! A very Merry Christmas to you and your family. -Pamela-

  5. Hi Pam, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I look forward to the new year . I think things seem to always get better as time goes on. Thanks for the chance to read your blogs.

  6. Hi Pamela.
    Lovely words. I love your optimism and your attitude to life is exactly right.
    Happy holidays.

    • DG, Right back at ya! I love your attitude as well and it’s been a pleasure to learn more about you through your blog. I’ve a special place in my heart for all the Dystonia bloggers and proud to be part of this community. Enjoy this special time of year and again all the best in 2014. -Pamela-

  7. “May you experience the miracles residing within your heart and share them with the world.”

    Well said! Thank you for the oodles of powerful lessons you’ve shared with me throughout 2013. You’ve taught me SO MUCH. Love you girl!

    • Marissa, Where do I even begin with the blessings you’ve brought into my life, all starting with your fabulous 12-12-12 project. You are an absolute heart of gold! I’m so thrilled with your wonderful news in 2013 – my best to the new hubbie – and it’s my deepest hope that 2014 sparkles for you. I can’t tell you how much awe I hold for your spunk and determination and I wish you the best of luck with your Spin Sisters Podcast, yet another fabulous endeavor. I’m truly graced to have you in my life. Love ya my soul sister. xxx -Pam-

  8. In the past week, I’ve received some funny looks for having my shoulders up around my ears (I’m on the last weeks of my botox!). At the same time, when I embrace and share my passion – photography – my focus shifts to the creativity that brings me and others joy. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us, and best wishes for a new year that brings delights large and small.

    • Monica, Lovely to hear from you. Prompted me to visit your blog and I Tweeted your most recent post, you have such beautiful stories to share. Thank you for the constant reminder that life is about so much more than Dystonia. As for those funny looks from our condition, we should just flash them back a smile! Warm wishes to you in the New Year. -Pamela-

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