Cramps: Do The Bunny Hop!

13848335_sMenstrual cramps, stomach cramps, leg cramps, we’ve all had them in one form or another. Take an Advil and if they persist, call the doctor in the morning…

If you’re otherwise free from movement disorder, those cramps are about as close as you’ll get to a dystonic movement – you’re experiencing nothing less than an involuntary spasmodic muscle contraction, painful to boot. Surprise, Dystonia isn’t quite the unfamiliar territory you thought!

In a devilish merger, my foot cramps are a case of ordinary cramp meets DYSTONIC FURY. I may observe a lift of toe or turn of arch but the real craziness is the frenzy I can’t see, daring me to halt this out-of-control party. Fortunately, I’m not without experience handling these matters, tending to strike without warning. Pressure is required to quiet my visible movements and initiate a dig into the hidden turmoil…

Springing from my bed, I channel my inner bunny and hop like mad in a resolute attempt to pound the insanity out of my muscles. Often, we go several rounds before the knock out punch is delivered but I’m ever grateful for my victory!

13 responses to “Cramps: Do The Bunny Hop!

  1. You crack me up! Small victories are how we make it through!
    Carrie, the Just Mildly Medicated gal ❤

  2. “Menstrual cramps, stomach cramps, leg cramps, we’ve all had them in one form or another. ”
    As a male, I’m proud to say I’ve never had menstrual cramps “in one form or another.”

  3. I love this! And you’re right, it’s the small victories. *hugs*

  4. I understand greatly, some days can be tough.

  5. I like that. The toes freezing in position can be a problem too. I like the bunny hop though.

  6. Pamela, I liked the creative way you wrote this post! I really liked it!

    • Divanicio, Thank you dear friend. You inspire me with your posts…the ones in English that is (lol)! We have a crazy condition and we’re doing our best to explain it to the world, which can be quite the challenge. Happy Holidays to you. -Pamela-

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