Getting On With Life

16542931_sAll too infrequently, we encounter unexpected inspiration. My online activities have led me to friendships with women who were once victims of abuse but presently stand as far from victims as one could possibly imagine. These female warriors, speaking their truths and lending their voices to those who face adversity, truly epitomize “Getting On With Life,” a concept I strive to embrace.

Getting On With Life speaks to so much more than putting our pasts – and hardships – behind us. It’s about moving beyond bitterness…even betrayal, recognizing those forks in the road where we’re given the opportunity to choose self-respect and taking the path of integrity. While I can’t begin to speak to the personal trauma experienced by those who’ve suffered physical or emotional abuse, I hold faith in the resilience of the human spirit, besieged but not broken. When pushed down, we need not lay on the ground amid the dirt. Empowerment is found in the determination to pick ourselves up and pursue our inner potential by “Getting On With Life.”

Remember, honor is only found in the causes we espouse when we abide by the principles for which we advocate. Even a life of impassioned activism stands empty if we fail to advance our own human decency.


16 responses to “Getting On With Life

  1. You are my hero

  2. I wish I had it in me to be as good and decent as you…but I don’t…except the “honour” thing…I love honour too…

    • Gaye, Lovely to see you here. I must say that when it comes to human decency, you have it in you and then some. I undertake the utmost admiration for how you stand up for the principles you espouse and support others myself included. -Pamela-

  3. I was thinking about what you wrote: getting on with life and human decency. Interesting!
    I think one of the reasons I choose the name of my blog:”Homens de Bem” was such concepts as human decency and the search for humane values ​​like being honest, sincere and do good to all.
    You’re right about everything you wrote!

    • Divanicio, You are always so astute in your observations. Human decency is a quality we must ever strive to hold, making us caring and conscionable beings. Though it’s easy to get lost along our way, there’s always hope to be found when we live with integrity. Our honor is infinitely more important in defining us than our Dystonia. Ever Your Friend, Pamela

  4. stephanie fagin-jones

    Amen. Beautiful.

    • Thank you Stephie! As I wrote, I had ample inspiration for this post. I have such admiration for all who overcome tragic circumstance with their heads held high and their moral compass intact. Sending my love to the whole family. -Pam-

  5. Hi Pam , Great job. I wish more people understood your thoughts.

  6. Excellent! And very clear……

  7. I know we all to face adversity, and have to overcome it. Some people have to overcome a lot. I am so glad the women overcame the abuse.

    • Angela, These women have not only overcome abuse, they’ve overcome someone who sought to take advantage of their past for selfish purposes. They are truly brave and courageous warriors. We could all learn a lesson from them. -Pamela-

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