My Summer Vacation From Dystonia!

14797796_sThis summer I neglected the beach and barely left town – aside from a trip to South Florida to visit my father – so I determined to take a vacation from my Dystonia…if only my muscles agreed to cooperate. How does one get away from the gift that never stops giving? Considering the impact of the heat on my swagger, I found myself in search of a modus operandi for my reprieve. Perhaps all I needed was to abstain from my compulsion to take a weekly swipe at the vagrancies of movement disorder. I wished my blog an abundant first anniversary and followed suite by hunkering down for a mid-summer nap.

I found considerable relief embarking on a vacation from a single aspect of myself, perhaps a metaphor for all I long to leave behind. Though Dystonia stubbornly insisted on continuing its dominion over my movements, I happily report the small space it occupied in my daily focus. Now that’s a trip I should make more often. Though we can’t pick and choose the assorted parts comprising our wholes, we can certainly choose where we allow our thoughts to wander.

So let me remind you, as I’ve reminded myself, that life is about so much more than Dystonia…or any medical condition. We all have room in our minds for those much-needed respites from our constant – and unwelcome – companions.

27 responses to “My Summer Vacation From Dystonia!

  1. Once again Pamela. Well put.

  2. Horay for you!

  3. Richard Schilling

    Great read! Welcome back!

  4. Pam, you made my day…….you are such a great writer and explainng so many feelings ………. understanding how we all need a vacation from our medical issues. Keep truckin’…………….luvu,……..your comrad…..Iris

    • Iris, Your lovely comment made my day! There are so many feelings that go along with living with medical issues, sometimes the challenge lies in simply keeping track of our emotions. Hope all is well with you my friend. -Pamela-

  5. Hello Pamela,
    I am glad that you have thought one or also 2 rooms in your body where you can relax and vacation finds from the everyday discomfort.
    Yes, one should go more consciously by the life if one has dystonia. I live, for example, much more consciously and perceive things which I have never seen before my dystonia.
    I wish you that you a few more doors find to rooms with relief.



  6. I’ve always said ‘giving up is not an option’, you have proved me wrong by the looks of things, giving up is an option. Surrendering is not an option.

    • Murray, What a profound statement and so true. You may want to consider putting together a blog yourself! I rest assured that even if surrendering were an option, it’s never the road you’d take. Stay well my friend and thank you for your most heartful welcome back. -Pamela-

  7. It’s good to read these words today, I’ve been having such an incredibly hard time lately, PD has been tossing me around with so much ups and downs I’m not sure which way is up or down. So thanks for the positive thoughts.

  8. Your humor comes through loud and clear. It was a very fast moving year and I want to say ,” Happy Anniversary!”. I have enjoyed every blog. Keep up the great ideas for living well. Patty

    • Patty, You are ever a breath of fresh air in my life and I’m grateful for the day that first letter arrived in my in-box. Yes, it’s been quite a journey and a better one with you as a part of the route. Thank you for your warm wishes. I only hope you will sustain the spirit that makes your own road easier to navigate. Your Friend, Pamela

  9. Hi Pam Good job . Dystonia may not be my first choice, things could be so much more difficult. I allways enjoy vacations.

    • Hey Donald, Always a pleasure to hear from you, I’m all too aware how you ever find the time to share a comment. Nothing like a little getaway, couldn’t we all use one! Take care. -Pam-

  10. Happy anniversary. I know we are more than our illness. Sometimes it can be difficult to see beyond that. Your blog helps.

    • Angela, I hope you’ll never forget that we are so much more than our Dystonia and life looms larger than our struggle with any medical condition. When it’s hard to see that light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps we just need to turn the corner. -Pamela-

  11. Oh a vaca from illness, wouldn’t it be great. I bet I could even find a friend or loved one willing to watch it for me while I was gone. I’d come back, I promise.

    • Carrie, It would be my pleasure to watch your Dysautonomia while you’re away but I’ll take you up on your promise to return! Hey, eliminate a few letters and “Dysautonomia” becomes “Dystonia!” xxx -Pamela-

  12. Lovely post. I quite agree. Don’t get defined by a condition whatever it is. Bizarrely, dystonia kick started me doing things I wouldn’t have dreamt of before namely blogging (not writing – that’s far too grand) and photography. So one ‘door’ closes and another opens. Take care and keep well.
    Best wishes

    • DG, Lovely to hear from you, I’m just back from yet another visit to your blog. Keep on walking down the hallway and opening those new doors, that’s the way to live! -Pamela-

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