Make A Little Movement!

19927674_sThis past week, a group of men and women in a Facebook Group called Neuronauts – led by a dynamo named Lori Raines – determined to make a dent in the public consciousness via CNN iReports, the hope to spawn a bit of mainstream news. Indeed, injecting our “Dystonia Awareness” stories into a stream of iReports waiting to be discovered by other iReporters, iReaders and yes, CNN editors, secures its own victory.

Ostensibly, I joined this “Movement” to speak about my “movement.” Then I began to ponder the deeper meaning of our task. My first thought was how my story isn’t simply about me or even Dystonia. It’s about omnipresent realities that touch people everywhere: feeling different, struggling, embracing hope, promoting understanding, believing in an energy beyond ourselves. My greatest compliment is when people see glimmers of their stories in mine. Maybe it’s a physical experience, moment of humor or obstacle overcome. If my blog preaches anything, it’s how we’re all part of one encompassing narrative. Our individual plot lines enrich the world with variety. Our common thoughts and emotions keep us interconnected. My goal of explaining Dystonia is readily achievable by appealing to ideas that reside within all of us and the exercise of imagination. Our iReports stand as a collective effort to introduce our little-known cause and help you to learn just one part of who we are. For me, the goal is human empathy as much as publicity.

We all make movements and (hopefully) we also join Movements. The past year marked my introduction to the dynamic force of Health Activism. I’ve come to see that activists are nothing less than human beings realizing our potential to care about one another and the world we inhabit. Start by “activating” your mind. Direct your thoughts beyond yourself, engage in dialog with others, set forth to grow as a person and in the process you’re bound to inspire others. I started my blog out of a compulsion to share truths I’d stuffed deep inside for way too long. I activated my mind to think in new ways and planted seeds in my garden that flourished.

I invite you to make that all-important first step. Undertake an intention to advance a cause or truth you find significant. Perhaps it’s Dystonia. Maybe an entirely different enterprise “moves” you. Start a Movement, join a Movement but be sure to MOVE in a meaningful direction!

You can endorse our effort by selecting “This belongs on CNN” at the end of each article. Here’s my contribution: Pamela’s CNN iReport. This is a joint effort: Dystonia may be the engine but you’re the steam propelling us forward!

Kudos to Lori Raines, who conceived this event in the first place and encouraged us to get going!

10 responses to “Make A Little Movement!

  1. Terrific! It DOES belong on CNN…..

    • Susan, Getting my story on CNN would be a thrill but perhaps even more meaningful are all the endorsements I’ve received. I’ve met so many amazing people on my journey and I’ve gone in directions I never could have imagined. There’s much to be said for putting oneself out there. -Pam-

  2. Angela Harshbarger

    Great idea. We have all had lot’s of experiences to talk about.


    Hi Pamela- Great blog..I don’t have dystonia if you recall, I have had four or five different diagnosis and I am still limping and shaking most of my resting time and working days but maybe less time than before.Yoga is helping my balance and strength . Reading about dystonia has inspired a whole bunch of ideas tiles that I can’t stop carving. Fractal design and growth patterns. Healing images fro aroung the world from different times. How we are connected and must heal together.Water patterns that flow forwards and backwards with ripples intersecting. , Repeating patterns and intersecting elliptical designs based loosely from Leonardo Fibonacci? cant spell the mathematician’s name ..I really want to take some photos soon and send them to you. You are inspiring me to explain my movement disorder to others..or the sensation of movement none can see but for some reason I feel moving through me and connecting me to someplace past the edge of my body. I sound goofy. Maybe a picture will tell my story. Keep up the great articles. I get really happy to see an e-mail from you. Warmest regards from -Patty( in California)

    • Patty, Lovely to see you commenting on my blog. We are certainly due for an exchange. It warms my heart to hear you’re making progress explaining your sensations of movement. Whatever our condition, the human impulse is to share and explain. Quite the challenge, I struggled when I began but I think as we make the effort it gets easier. You are most definitely a creative type, just let your thoughts wander and flow. Have a wonderful week and let’s chat or email soon. -Pamela-

  4. I am inviting you to share your success story at This is a global effort to get media outlets, traditional and citizen journalists, to share positive news stories. The goal is to change the definition of “news,” just as you are trying to change an attitude. During the month of July, people are invited to write their positive news stories and share them on the website, to celebrate Positive News Month. On July 15, there will be a more concerted effort to have as many media outlets as possible share positive news to celebrate positive News Day. Additionally, you can share a “teaser” of sorts on the Facebook page Positive News Day if you would like to then send people to a link of your blog or your website story. We especially are looking for stories that people would generally consider “tragedy” or “difficult” and how it is turned around to something positive. Hope you will share your story.

    • Cindy, Thank you for the lovely invitation, definitely of interest. My blog is all about positive transformation and it’s my pleasure to share my story in the hope of encouraging others to accept themselves and face their challenges with humor and determination. -Pamela-

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