Dystonia BloggerMania

11849272_sDystonia Awareness Week may have passed but make no mistake, the flame burns on. I’m proud to participate in Dystonia BloggerMania, the continuing celebration of Dystonia activism rocking the World Wide Web. Think of us bloggers as “reality journalists” – patients, parents and children determined to shake up cyberspace by flinging out our stories for all the world to learn. No scripts in this mass exercise of reality writing, just a flow of words coming straight from the heart.

Having spent the better part of a year revealing my deepest, darkest secrets, I undertake the utmost admiration for the raw honesty displayed by my blogging buddies as they share their innermost thoughts and personal struggles. While publishing our “diaries” can be a hairpin curve, we gain a tremendous sigh of relief from facing our demons and laying everything on the line. Take one step outside your comfort zone and the other foot will follow. Before you know it, you’re off on a brisk run.

Come join us. Blog for yourself, for your community, to enlighten the ignorant. Tackling the blogosphere is seizing a ripe moment to make a splash in the pool and practice your swimming strokes. Blogging entails publicizing a kaleidoscope of challenges constituting a difficult day in the hope of connecting with those in need of hearing us. We’re working through the most personal of issues in a public form of therapy as part of a never-ending journey to find invisible upsides amid the all too visible downsides of life. Blogging enables us to combat narrow-mindedness by offering up our intimate details as examples of the wealth of human diversity. We abandon great big chunks of our privacy for the greater good of educating friends and strangers about the insidious criminalities of our disorders. Our collective impact is realized post by post, read by read.

My Facebook group – Dystonia BloggerMania – welcomes Dystonia bloggers (and our fans). Truly, we’re sprouting all over the web. Visit our sites for a multiplicity of vantage points on life with Dystonia…and beyond. Don’t forget to leave your calling card – comments are the hot fudge topping on our ice cream sundaes!

Here’s our road map:
Shayla Anthony, Bekah the Ballerina
Tracy Blowers, Brand New Day 
Carrie Siu Butt, Run Carrie Run!
Desiree Castillo, Walking Forward
Matt Lawrence, it’s my life
Lisa Marie, Little Writings
Rebecca Moller, dystonia and me
Divanicio Pessoa, Homens De Bem

16 responses to “Dystonia BloggerMania

  1. Very good post. Your words thrilled me! Thank you for not forgetting me on your road map. I loved it…
    I’m missing the pink color of your blog.

    • Divanicio, Thrilled to post links to the dystonia bloggers in our group – including you. It’s so important to promote our presence as we educate the world about our little known disorder. Don’t worry, my raspberry background will be back – thought I’d extend my dystonia awareness effort thru the end of June. -Pamela-

  2. Shake, Rattle and Roll all over the world. Let’s bring Dystonia out of the wilderness and into the public domain. I believe that only then will people generally, understand that it’s not a former part of the Soviet Union.

    I remain astounded that a video of myself showing what Dystonia does to ones body, has attracted almost 80,000 viewers on You Tube. If you haven’t seen it, just take a trip to You Tube and search for Paddy Doyle and Dystonia.

    While the video is still a bit dated, I’m working on doing another one – always with the view to education people who don’t understand Dystonia or don’t want to understand it.

    • Mr. Doyle, What a pleasure to see you here again, seems like only yesterday I posted Paddy Doyle: Living A Life Of Impassioned Activism. I’ve certainly viewed that video of yours, which I’ve posted on this blog, and advise all the world to take advantage of a vivid glimpse into the realities of Dystonia. Hope you’re having a lovely Irish Spring! Do visit again soon! -Pamela-

      • In the immortal words of ARNIE “I’ll be back”! At the risk of sounding arrogant, I’m some interesting views of Dystonia and also on disability.

        Let’s rock the joint! No, not that kind of joint – they’re the ones we smoked when we had flowers in our hair, when we were “Going to San Francisco” and when we saved water by bathing with a friend!

        • Mr. Doyle, I fear l was but a child during the era of the Flower Children…and the only thing I shared my bath with was a lovely rubber ducky. A big fan of your blog, I’m familiar with the views you port, which largely match my own! I hope you didn’t miss the post, Disease Un*ease, my stab at addressing the vocabulary of disability. Of course, you have a standing invitation to share your opinions here whenever the urge strikes. -Pamela-

          • Merciful hour Ms.Sloate. Be aware that when the urge strikes me, I’m lethal and Dystonia goes out the window!

            • Mr. D, I hope you don’t take offense at the more familiar address (dare I use Paddy) but seems we’re becoming pen pals of sorts. I’m a vigorous fan of tossing Dystonia out the window but beware, I live on the 22nd floor! -Pamela-

  3. Great Post and looking forward to checking out some of the blogs you mentioned!

    • Carrie, Wonderful to hear from you again. I’m absolutely thrilled you’ll be exploring the breadth of Dystonia BloggerMania as there is tremendous variety in this disorder and each blogger offers a unique perspective. Just want you to know again how much I love your blog, Just Mildly Medicated, educating the world about Dysautonomia. Take care. -Pamela-

  4. Angela Harshbarger

    Thanks for sending all the names of the blogs.

    • Angela, My pleasure. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to read them. They reflect the diversity of Dystonia and a range of viewpoints. Of course, we each have our own day to day reality. Have a great weekend. -Pamela-

  5. Thank you Pamela for your encouraging words, keep up the good work! Angie x

    • Hello Angie, I shall. Lovely to receive your comment. Like all the other Dystonia bloggers, I’m Just doing my best to put Dystonia on the radar. Warm wishes. -Pamela-

  6. This is amazing! Thank you so much for recognizing us all! It feels good to bring other along on this uncertain journey that we are all taking!

    • Chris, So nice to hear from you. It’s my pleasure to celebrate the spirit of Dystonia activism in this post and through our Facebook group. I’m so proud of all the bloggers, yourself included, who’ve taken that giant step to put themselves out there while confronting the daily challenges Dystonia brings. Our blogs serve so many vital purposes and I believe it’s important to support each other in our efforts. Keep on doing what you’re doing and don’t look back. Life is a constant journey forward. -Pamela-

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