Catch The Blue Wave!

18879161_sBlue. The reflection of light between violet and green on the visible spectrum, an emotion that bespeaks sadness, a tart round berry, the color of sea and sky – also a tactic for raising Dystonia awareness. We’re in the midst of Dystonia Awareness Week (June 2-8) and the “Go Blue” movement is coloring locks of hair, influencing shades of dress, painting sultry eyelids, and burgeoning blue awareness ribbons and bracelets to get the world chattering about Dystonia.

Blue abounds in a variety of hues: azure, cobalt, cornflower, cyan, indigo, midnight, navy, periwinkle, powder, royal, sapphire, teal, turquoise…and let’s not forget those baby blues. Choose your shade and conduct your own Dystonia 101 class! Be creative, perhaps you’re inclined to sing the blues or fly with the bluebird. As you can see, my blog’s “gone blue” for Dystonia!

19 responses to “Catch The Blue Wave!

  1. What a great idea: creating “blue” awareness for dystonia. I love your blog format and will spread the word in every shade of blue I can find dear friend — sending hugs and lots of love your way ~ x Robyn

    • Hey Robyn, It was rather fun “redecorating”‘ my blog, surely the most powerful statement I could make “Going Blue!” Of course, I’m wearing my blue pants this week, all for the cause! I’m thrilled you’re helping to spread the word about Dystonia, you are truly the dearest of friends. -Pamela-

  2. Hi Pamela,
    of course we must spread everything the dystonia consciousness. Only something will happen in the heads of many people.
    Thus further in such a way:
    Forwards look. Giving up is no option.

    Lots of love


    Hi Pamela,
    natürlich müssen wir alle das Dystonie Bewußtsein verbreiten. Nur dann wird etwas passieren in den Köpfen von vielen Menschen.
    Also weiter so:
    Nach vorne schauen. Aufgeben ist keine Option.

    Liebe Grüße


    • Franz, What a pleasant surprise when I found your comment in my inbox! How I completely agree with you, we mustn’t give up spreading awareness, one of the few aspects of this disorder within our hands. I know you’re certainly doing your part and I try the best I can. Life’s a blessing with friends like you. -Pamela-

  3. Funnily enough I was planning on wearing my new cobalt blue jeggings on my day out with my personal assistant!! Now I have an extra incentive to do so! I will be rocking my cobalt trousers and thinking of you and dystonia xx

    • Rhiann, Thrilled to hear you’re catching the wave! We all have our awareness weeks or months, presenting important opportunities to spread the word about our medical conditions. Took me a bit of time to find the right shade of blue for my blog but I think I discovered the perfect match and what better way to make a splash for Dystonia! I am sure you’ll rock those sizzling cobalt leggings! -Pamela-

  4. I feel stupid. I clicked on the link to your page because WEGO shared it and I love WEGO. I read this post but didn’t know what Dystonia was so I opened another page and googled it. Then came back to your page and there at the top was a WAY better explanation of what Dystonia is than Wiki offered. What a frustrating (total understatement!) and Im sure sometimes debilitating (depending on severity – Im sure) chronic decease. I haven’t yet had time to really read many of your posts. Just this one really. I find it awesome that so many chronic illnesses use the color blue. We use it in the diabetes community too. (I have two kids with Type 1 diabetes). Also it is used for Autism (lots of friends in that community as well). I think there are more as well. It makes sense really – blue is a color often associated with sadness (depression in people with chronic decease is so common) but also the color of HOPE – like the pacific ocean ( I always hear Morgan Freemans voice in regards to Hope from the movie the Shawshank redemption – “hope is a good thing. maybe the best of good things. and no good thing ever dies” – he goes on to say that he hopes the pacific is as blue as he imagined. Blue=Hope. Anyway – just thought Id say hi and wish you well always. Thanks for being a health activist and sharing your knowledge with us all.

    • Hi Christina, Lovely to meet you and I’ve already taken a trip to your blog. Thank you for the informative comment. Like you, I love hearing from readers. I’m thrilled to serve as your introduction to Dystonia. One of the reasons I started this site is my lack of enthusiasm for the coldly medical portrayal of Dystonia on the web. After all, first and foremost we’re human beings, as you well know from your life experience with two children affected by chronic illness. Take care and I hope you’ll visit again. My usual pink background is not to be missed! -Pamela-

  5. Angela Harshbarger

    Great idea. We definitely need to spread awareness.

    • Hi Angela, Wonderful to see you here. Hope you’ll be wearing your blue best this week! I believe we can truly make a difference through our collective action. Best wishes. -Pamela-

  6. It’s so good to find your blog. My son has Dystonia and I’ve decided to write a post each day this month about Dystonia for Awareness. Today we are getting out and going to an expo for speech technology. We will be sure to “Go Blue”!

    • Hi Danya, I’ve actually visited your site, which I found in one of the Facebook groups. Thrilled you’re blogging and going blue, it truly is empowering to make these efforts. Please keep in touch and I send warm wishes for your son. -Pamela-

  7. Hi Pam I have worn a blue shirt each day this this week to stand for dystonia.

    • Donald, Always a pleasure when you visit! Good work donning the blue clothing to join the “Go Blue” movement. From the posts on Facebook, you stand in good company including yours truly. Happy Sunday. -Pamela-

  8. I missed it. So I will have my own self-sponsered blue day for @Dystonia.
    Aquamarine is my birthstone. I have had to deal with fractures and sprains lately. So bunch of Docs, RN, & others now know what it is.

    Missed you, take care Pepe

    • Pepe, Think of it like a late birthday card, better late than never! Anyway, my blog’s still blue, extending the spirit of the moment. Sorry to hear you’ve had a bit of a rough time lately. Hopefully, things are looking up. Always a pleasure to hear from you. -Pam-

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