Paddy Doyle: Living A Life Of Impassioned Activism

13 responses to “Paddy Doyle: Living A Life Of Impassioned Activism

  1. I attempted to watch Paddy’s video, but since I am hanging out with my husband & he is watching a t.v. show, I kept the volume muted. Planning to go back & listen to it later. It’s sad that as a child he was not cared for properly & it sounds like possibly even used as a guinea pig. No matter whose fault it was that happened to him there are no excuses. I am a ‘believer’ as far as my faith goes, but I believe that one day the church is going to have to answer for things that have happened to children right under their noses. My dystonia is irritating & it’s hard & challenging & all of that but next to Paddy’s mine is so minute. Thank you for sharing this with us. It is truly a story of courage.

    • Linda, The Church certainly has a bunch of questions to answer with little time to spare. There’s no worse crime than the abuse of innocents. As for Paddy Doyle, he’s a bold and beautiful man who wears his confidence well. When I first saw his video, I was thoroughly intimidated by such raw honesty; now it’s featured on my website! I’m thankful Paddy evinced the strength to publish this video and share his daily challenges. He’s truly remarkable for the man he chooses to be. We all make decisions about how to live our lives. Through my journey and the people I’ve met along the way, I’m making wiser ones. -Pamela-

  2. Wow, that was and is truly amazing, inspiring and motivates me to keep fighting for research to help find a cure for dystonia. Paddy is a remarkable Angel.

    • Pat, I write from my heart. Paddy may sit in a wheelchair but he towers over most men! He dedicates himself to advocating for others who need a voice and pays no mind to obstacles that may impede others. I encourage you to delve into his book, The God Squad, which shares an incredible story as well as offering a riveting read. Advancing dystonia research is a common cause we all share, we just need to keep fighting and hold out hope for a better future! In the meantime, life is to be lived! -Pam-

  3. Amazing video. Paddy puts my vestibular/oscillopsia trials and tribulations into complete perspective. I can’t wait to read his book, The God Squad. He’s my new hero.

    • Arthur, Lovely to hear from you my friend! I’m so glad I posted that video, a visual story is quite compelling, particularly Paddy’s. I must tell you that I’ve watched that video untold times, to the point where all I behold is a man…with sensitivity, strength and a sense of humor. The one thing I don’t see is disability even though it’s presumably staring me in the face. Through my journey with my blog, Paddy, Marissa, you, everyone I’ve met along my way, I feel as if my vision has changed. Now I learn people from the inside and the outside becomes window-dressing. Any relationship worth a cent is about connecting with our hearts. Arthur, you’re a very special person and you’ve shared so much of yourself with the world through your book, Dizzy. I’m eternally grateful to you for Dizzy and Paddy for The God Squad. I encourage anyone visiting this comment to read both! -Pam-

  4. ps…watching how much his dog loves and supports him is just…heartbreaking…in a wonderful way.

  5. Well it took me awhile to compose myself after watching this video. His sweet sweet dog (choke) at the end! ..For many years I was in a dark place in my mind, hiding and cutting myself off from others while coming to grips with my Dystonia. Then a smart Doctor (whom I admired) said to me, “Kari,you know more about this disease than anyone else in our area.You need to teach people about it.” I guess that was my inspirational moment! I now advocate everywhere I go.Its people like you and Paddy who keep me going. You planted the seeds and some of them grew to go on to plant more. You don’t know how thankful I am!
    P.S. I am buying Paddy’s book!

    • Kari, Thank you for your lovely words. I’ve known my share of shame over my Dystonia and coming to grips with such feelings has been a long and winding road. So many people need to find that brightly shining light to leave the darkness. You’ve not only done that but clearly have risen above with your awareness efforts! We all need our inspiration. Paddy has been one of mine. His utter ease with Dystonia has helped me put so many aspects of myself in perspective. My biggest lesson: I am who I am and that’s how others will love me! Enjoy reading The God Squad, you’re in for a real treat not to mention an emotional and enlightening journey. -Pamela-

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  7. I never knew Dystonia existed,at 71 I ponder as to where I have been all my life. Your story and your Courage and the undying love of your Dog reinforces my love and faith in Animals.
    I wish I could feel the same about my fellow human beings. Thank you

    • Lovely that you commented on this article, which is one of my most meaningful as I expand my blog beyond my own life experience with Dystonia to introduce dear friends I’ve met along my journey. Paddy’s video is something, isn’t it? The only one on my site, worth more than a thousand words, his worth is beyond expression! As to where you’ve been all your life, in the company of many. Dystonia is a little known condition, I think of us as little sister to Parkinson’s. Unless you encounter someone with a neuro movement disorder…or a blog…not much reason to keep current on Movement Disorders 101 but we’ve some wonderful foundations raising awareness and always appreciate the help of our friends. Thanks for visiting, see you on Twitter. -Pamela-

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