Shoe Fetish

12487259_sTypical of most females is a love affair with leather delectables that grace the feet. My friends pontificate over the perfect match of shoe to garment, agonizing over the slope and height of heel as if they’re solving a complex trigonometric equation. Years ago, I understood that fashion starts at my ankles – when I wear boots at my knees.

There’s no rhyme or reason to which shoes cooperate with my misbehaving muscles, particularly my left foot, which acts like a caged beast desperate to escape confinement. I apply a simple test: (1) do my feet stay in the shoes; if yes, go to part (2) do they make my walking worse? Mind you, my body’s apt to play naughty tricks. I’ll put the shoes through boot camp in-store, all systems go. Then invariably, I can’t walk in the shoes when I need them. Prince Charming’s quest for Cinderella’s singular foot has nothing on my footwear missions. I dread shopping for sneakers!

The moral of this story: They say shoes make the outfit, but in my book, the most important item we wear is our smile!

23 responses to “Shoe Fetish

  1. Me thinks someone has been dipping into “50 Shades of Grey”!! Personally, I think I look better in a high heel, fishnet stockings and heaven help us all, a suspender belt. The trouble is that I can’t fit any of the above items onto the wheels of my power chair. Pity!

    • Mr. D, Firstly, LOL! Me thinks you’re engaging in a fit of wishful thinking! I’m trying to picture you in fishnets but having a bit of trouble, perhaps you could buy some for me, they’d highlight my shapely calves rather nicely! BTW, love your web site: The God Squad. Wink, -Pamela-

    • Absolutely loved your new post!! A topic I most definitely resonated with as a major headache for me is going to buy new shoes, especially if it’s for a special occasion, as I cannot wear anything which is high due to problems with balance so flats are a must for me. However, most dresses or nice suits for occasions such as a wedding does not really suit flat shoes!! It’s a real catch-22 situation!! I dread the next time that I am invited to a wedding or another similar occasion!!!

      • Rhiann, Can we talk…(lol)! Anything dressy is paired with flat Aerosoles sandals, no matter the season (in winter I wear stockings, in summer I go barelegged). They certainly don’t work the magic of heels but what’s a girl with movement – or balance – issues to do! I always rationalize that no one notices my shoes anyway. Perhaps a dazzling shade of lip gloss will steal the show! -Pam-

  2. Very well put and for someone to understand. Great job.

    • Hello Donald, The perils of shoes! I tend to abuse the few that work for me. It really is rather bizarre how my walking responds to footwear. I’ll put on a pair of Hunter rain boots and my left leg goes absolutely wacko, then eventually calms down, particularly if I turn on my iPod and move to the beat, a little “trick” I use. Have a great day. -Pam-

  3. Thanks for the show fetish post……..I can really relate to shoe issues……..just a nightmare, at times………but a smile is the most important thing to wear….agree totally!!!! go, PAM!!!!!!!

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    • Hey Iris, Our biggest problems in life should only revolve around shoes, wouldn’t that be nice even though yes, shoes can be a nightmare! When I find a “good” pair, I wear them until they’re scruffed like you wouldn’t believe. My favorite boots sport one very obvious hole but I can’t bring myself to throw them out. Just bought my first pair of new sneaks in forever, left my old ones in the store at the salesman’s insistence. Thankfully, the smile is easy to wear every day and never needs replacement! -Pam-

  4. You in stilettos must be like me tossing a green salad. I’m hard on pillows too. Mike

    • Hi Mike, Nice to hear from you again. Me wearing Stilettos is like a toddler on stilts (lol)! How about I toss the salad and you give the stilettos a go? Frankly, those shoes should be banned- terrible on the back, women weren’t meant to walk that way. Keep your chin up, warms my heart to see you’re reading! -Pam-

  5. Me too. Comfort is what I look for in a shoe now.

    • Hello Angela, Nice to hear from you again. Comfort shoes may not be the most stylish but they’re easiest on the feet…and the walking! And thankfully, they’re not that hard to find, a lot of shoe companies are wisening up to the baser necessities of the female foot! Have a great day. -Pamela-

  6. Hi Pamela – this post really made me think of one I did — you may have seen — not about dystonia per se – but can so relate ~

    I have so enjoyed my time here on your site — Blessings, Love and Light to you dear friend ~ x Robyn Lee

    • Robyn, So nice to hear from you. Just read your post and I totally understand where you’re coming from. Oh, to be fancy and free with life’s frivolities, a lovely dream. Heels were never in my stars but I’ve enjoyed many a beautiful walk in my practical shoes, like the path you meander. I look forward to sharing your pictures and poems. -Pamela-

  7. Pamela,
    I love this! Thank you for writing about this topic! I just found out that I can actually wear dress shoes if I get one pair of orthotics for flats and another pair for heels. I also really liked what you said about a smile being the best accesory!
    ~ Erika

    • Erika, Thanks for reading and commenting. Glad to hear the orthotics are working for you, we can all use our magic tricks. I actually have orthotics for an issue unrelated to my Dystonia. Wear them in my sneaks. I find them much harder then the natural cushioning but hey, I have a lot more comfort in my footwear than most females (lol)! All I can say is keep polishing that smile! -Pamela-

  8. Thought I’d tell you…Aerosoles are going to be my splurge for February! Thanks for getting me to the website!

    • Sarah, Thrilled to be of assistance and how nice to hear I won’t be the only person keeping Aerosoles in business (lol)! They completely expanded my shoe horizons with their sandals, available in a dazzling array of colors. Truly, I don’t know what I’d do without them…not to mention the price is right! Happy shopping. -Pamela-

  9. I have a terrible time when wearing high heels as they are uncomfortable on the balls and arches of my feet. Also, as a wheelchair user, I could never find any good reason for wearing shoes. I just wear socks, nice wooly ones. I find fishnets a bit too cold and uncomfortable. Maybe what I need are leather socks and join all the other leather and shoe fetish people around this site.

    • Mr. Doyle, First of all, thank you for the return visit. I certainly hope you stopped by my post, “Paddy Doyle: Living A Life Of Impassioned Activism,” for a re-read and to view your video, a personal favorite I might add! Life without shoes sounds quite comfortable…and economical. I’ll have to remember to refreshen your supply of nice wooly socks come next Christmas! -Pamela-

  10. No need for thanks, a pleasure to drop by. I’ve read “Paddy Doyle: Living a Life of Impassioned Activism” and while I saw the video there, I didn’t re-run it. It was made many years ago and now it’s time for a fresh one.

    I look forward to the fresh supply of wooly socks come Christmas. I might come up with something suitable for you – perhaps something in the line of high heeled shoes or leather – you seem to be into both or is that just all talk?

    • Mr. Doyle, I’d be forced to relegate the heels to a display shelf lest this muse fall on her derriere after one shaky step! However, I’ll graciously accept any leather treats you sling my way, perhaps a stylish jacket for a night out on the town. -Pamela-

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