You’ve Never Worn Heels?

My Dystonia began when I was 8-1/2. I can’t summon a memory of walking or writing “normally.” While my speech issues started later, for years I’ve battled a lazy tongue that’s chronically late for almost every destination in my mouth.

In some odd twist, the abnormal workings of my body are my “normal” state of affairs, with the  better days serving as benchmarks. As for heels, I’ve had my fantasy moments in shoe stores (nary a stiletto) that never extended beyond a few shaky steps!

2 responses to “You’ve Never Worn Heels?

  1. nerdyveggiegirl

    My boyfriend has dystonia. We often joke that when his legs spasm, I get to be “the coordinated one” for a change =] I’ve never been able to walk in heels, so don’t feel bad. I can sit in them though!

    • That’s an idea! If I can get my feet into the shoes, I could buy them to enjoy in the privacy of my apartment (lol). I rationalize I save a lot of money shoe shopping!

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